Josephine Ferraro, LCSW, NYC Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, EMDR therapist, Personal & Business Coach

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About Josephine FerraroWhat is psychotherapy?What is EMDR?What is Hypnosis?What is Coaching?

Life and Business Coaching is a way of bringing about positive changes into your life. A coach can help you to create, develop and achieve your goals. A coaching relationship is a confidential, dedicated partnership that helps you work towards your objectives. Working with a coach can help you identify your strengths, increase your confidence, and overcome obstacles. Coaching has a positive, strengths-based perspective. Personal growth, learning, health, wellness, enhancing relationships, careers and business decisions, living in synch with your values, and bringing more meaning into your life are among the issues that clients work on with a coach.

What can you expect from a coaching relationship with me?
Answer: A reliable, honest, empathic, respectful professional.
What would I expext from you?
Answer: Accountability and responsibility for calling in or coming in person for sessions, honoring the coaching agreement, willingness to learn, grow, and keep an open mind to new perspectives, and open and honest feedback if something upsets you or is not working for you.

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